Remodel on North Willow Street

Telluride, Colorado

This was an extensive remodel of a house built in the early 1970’s on Telluride’s north hillside. The original building, designed shortly after the town’s designation as a National Historic District, was modeled after an early 20th century residence at the top of Bridal Veil Falls at the end of Telluride’s box canyon. It incorporated materials salvaged locally, including timber framing members from the abandoned railroad trestle at Ophir.

The new owners appreciated the character of the existing house as representative of an important chapter in Telluride’s recent past, but also brought their own preferences for contemporary spaces and detailing.

For the remodel, the structure was temporarily supported while a new walkout basement level was excavated to provide additional living space without increasing the building footprint or height. The original timber framing and fireplace were maintained, and exterior materials were removed and replaced in kind. A skylight was added above the new stairway to bring natural light to the center of the house. Elements that ground the house in Telluride of the ‘70’s contrast the new owners’ choices of contemporary finishes and furnishings, reflecting distinct layers of local history.

Completed: 1993
General Contractor: Fortenberry Construction
Structural Engineer: Buckhorn Geotech
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