House on the San Miguel River 1995

San Miguel County, CO

The site for this house in the San Miguel River Canyon is a small lot located between the river and the highway, with views of the scenic river and of the undeveloped natural landscape on the opposite bank.

The house is rectangular in plan, with living spaces oriented toward the river on the south, and buffered from the highway by service spaces on the north. It includes a small lock-off studio unit at lower level for the clients’ part- time use, allowing the remainder of the house to be rented on a long-term basis. The lock-off unit is designed to be integrated with the rest of the house, at the clients’ option, as the master bedroom and bath.

The main living /dining / kitchen space opens out onto a riverside deck running the full length of the house. Floor-to-ceiling door and window openings link the interior space with the deck and surrounding landscape.

Completed: 1995
General Contractor: Compass Building Corporation
Structural Engineering: Mike Thele P.E.
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