Bunkhouse on Specie Mesa

San Miguel County, CO

This cabin was designed and built to accommodate fishing vacations for the client and visiting friends. One of the goals for the project was to create a building that seemed at home on the mesa. Important precedents were the modest and practical buildings erected by early homesteaders and ranchers in the area.

The rectangular plan is oriented to take advantage of daylight and passive solar gain, and fitted to the existing site topography to allow a walkout basement for storage and mechanical equipment. The east half of the cabin is an open living-dining-kitchen area, where standard pre-fabricated scissor trusses supporting the roof are exposed below a vaulted ceiling. This simple barn-like space is enlivened by numerous items from the Owner’s extensive collection of early modern equipment, furnishings, and accessories. At the west end is the bunkroom, separated from the living area by a bath and closet.

Completed: 1996
General Contractor: Tilton Construction
Structural Engineering : Mike Thele P.E.
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