House on Tomboy Road

Telluride, CO

This residence is located on the hillside above Telluride at the town’s northern edge. The site had been perceived as part of the adjacent open space for many years, and a primary goal of the project was to allow the building to recede into the hillside as much as possible, with the landscape interwoven between built elements.

Adjacent to the road above the house, parking is provided on a platform covering an enclosed storage area cut into the hillside and screened from view below by a grove of aspen trees. An open steel stair and bridge lead to the entry porch, passing through the native landscape and providing views of the surrounding peaks and the valley below.

The massing of the house follows the existing topography. Roof decks covering the middle and lower levels provide extensions to the interior living spaces. Skylights over an open stairway provide daylight to lower level interior spaces tucked into the hillside.

Completed: 2003
General Contractor: Croke Construction
Structural Engineer: Mike Thele P.E.
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